one of those days

So last night I saw A Star Is Born which was actually pretty fantastic. Spoiler alert though, if you’re sensitive to suicide, or just a really emotional human it will make you bawl your eyes out……in the theatre……..on a third date. Which was obviously me, last night. I’m really not a crying type of gal either, but man, the waterworks just hit me hard! I lost a friend to suicide this past May and was unable to attend the funeral service. Missing the service, I never really mourned what had happened, & I think it hit me all at once last night. Anyone reading this, please I urge you to check in on your friends! Watch for the warning signs, and if you need help, reach out to suicide hotlines (Main Crisis Line:(403) 266-4357.) Anywho, I legit couldn’t stop bawling, no matter how hard I was trying, Lady Gaga wouldn’t shut the hell up. My poor date was trying to console me and was luckily so nice about it all, but I was pretty embarrassed. I really hate when I cannot control my emotions. I pride myself a little bit in being able to compose myself, no matter what is going on around me, or within me.

Fast forward to a lovely gynecologist appointment in the morning (yay vagina swabs) with some bad luck parking & driving, running late, terrified of what my diagnosis might be. After that fun ordeal, I decided to go wash my car. One of those coin-op ones. So I get the metal hose and crush cleaning my car, feeling satisfied. I put the hose thing, back in the holder, and drive away. Well, the hose thing, sort of hooks onto my car mirror awkwardly, and I heard a bit of a noise, but looked in my rearview mirror and didn’t see anything amiss, so I figure it just sort was audible from it rubbing against my car. Fast forward to an emotional hangry Nikki in the McDonalds drive-thru adjacent to the car wash, and this angry looking man holding an odd metal pipe looking thing is running towards my car. He starts yelling at me while I’m giving my order to the speaker, that I broke his car wash, and “What the hell, you can’t just drive off.” I’m just like, of course this is happening to me right now. So I apologize profusely, ask if I can circle back after I grab my now much needed emotional McDicks & he luckily agrees for me to come back (After taking a picture of me & my car.) I pick up the McMuffin after getting some sympathy from the McDonalds employees admiring my goddamn freshly washed car. Thank goodness, I go in, and the angry man has calmed down, I apologize some more, and he decided to charge me $20.00 for the part I broke, which seems reasonable. So hey, could’ve been much worse.

But in the past 24 hours I’ve,

-balled my eyes out in public

-had to see if I have chlamydia because buddy I slept with somehow contracted it (ick)

-then broke a god-damn car wash

So here’s hoping your day started out better than mine. Attempting to keep on the sunny side of life though, and just taking it all in stride the best I can.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 2.50.27 PM

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