what happens before love?

I’m writing this after the most romantic weekend I’ve had perhaps ever. My lovely boyfriend whisked me away to Canmore, being equipped with all my favourite snacks. Which that in and of itself is enough cause to make me love you. And, I do love him, but I’m not positive I’m in love with him… at least not quite yet. I think I’m so conditioned to be scared of love from some past traumas, that now I really close myself off to it, as to not get hurt. It’s almost as if I’m incapable of being in love because I feel like I should be at this point, but I’m just not quite there! This scares me, as I’m concerned is this a me problem, or a partner problem, of him, perhaps not being the right fit. At this point, all I know is that only time will tell and that I am currently happy. All we can ask for and seek in this life is happiness. So if I’m happy, and he’s happy, that’s all I am trying to concern myself with.

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