but first, foreplay

So I’ve been asked when the sex of my blog is going to make an appearance, so here it is! To be honest I haven’t been having much of it as of late, & in turn feeling pretty unsexy. However, this ends now! Let’s all get it going with some foreplay tips! Feel free to comment your best tricks!

  • Make her want you. A long stretch, showing off your height and size where your man v’s (unf) and stomach show. So you get her mind warmed up first. Thinking about how she wants your body on top of hers. Biting your lip, or playing with your hair. Talking to her about something sexual. Make her mind anticipate what she wants, so when you start touching her, she’s already hungry & panting for more. Its all about initial seduction & setting the mood. Light some candles, put on some mood music.
  • Warm her up! Foreplay is soooo underrated! That is coming from a girl who can go 0-60 pretty darn quick too! She should be BEGGING for a guy to go down on her(at least in her head) or penetrate her because he’s been edging her so effectively. It all starts with kissing. A good kiss just starts flooding the basement. Soft lips, to firm lips, and everything in between. I myself am a sucker for neck & ear kisses. Play and kiss my ears, and I’m putty in your hands. Moving your lips down the collarbone, then the breasts, and the nipples, then down the stomach, legs, and everywhere you can think of. Just kiss the girl! Kiss her like you mean it! I feel like I should write this because I’ve come across it quite frequently….. DON’T just force your mouth on her, and like push into her for minutes at a time. That isn’t sexy and is rather awful. Kissing needs some deep, heavy moments, but you need air. The sexiest kisses are often the slightest brush of the lips, or a bite of the lip, with an extra moment hanging in the air in between the lips rushing toward one another.
  • Hands. Use your digits! You’ve got ten of them, and she wants to feel them everywhere! Every crevice, every curve, on every freckle. If you aren’t pulling her closer & grabbing her like you need to for your life, you’re not doing it right. Get a handful of that booty, and caress her thighs, down to her calves. Holding her waist firmly is so lovely too.
  • Words can be a very effective tool. Words hold power. Now not every girl is into dirty talk and the levels can drastically vary. However, I’ve never come across a woman who doesn’t like a few positive affirmations about how sexy they are. Tell her how wild she is driving you! Scream it from the rooftops! (Warning, may cause neighbors to hate you.) She should feel like a goddess and that your desire is at its utmost highest level. If she is more demure and not into dirty talk, tell her how beautiful she is, and what about her body you love…. don’t overkill it, but lovely comments can stick with a girl for a lifetime. Even just say her name, and moan. If she’s a little freakier, get on her level. I always recommend starting slow with more romantic dirty talk, and then upping it as you see fit, and if positive feedback seems to follow with it. I often find whispering in the ear is effective, but I personally feel quite proud when I can get a guy screaming too.
  • Be a tease! She should be in agony wanting more of you! Know when to give in though, and give her what she wants. But when she’s really enjoying something you’re doing, continue it, but ease off, and really back off, until shes writhing for more. Make her crave you! Once you give in though, bring it home. Woman want what they can’t have, and it’s a sure fire way to get her soaking wet.
  • In addition to teasing, create some tension. If she went out of her way to wear lingerie (or even if she didn’t) leave it on a bit. Admire it, play with it. Kiss her through her panties. Tease her with the fabric. This drives me personally wild.  Women also always love feeling appreciated, so you keeping that lingerie on a little longer makes her know it was worthwhile, and in turn, makes her appreciate you all the more!
  • A sensual massage always does the trick. Any time your bodies can be close, without doing anything overtly sexual always creates thick sexual tension, which can drive a woman (or man) wild. Massages are the obvious choice, but a hand on the thigh. Hand holding. Playing with her hair. Whatever. Just touch her.
  • Ask her. So many people forget the easiest way to please anyone, is to ask them what they like!
  • Eye contact. Look at her. Smile at her! This all goes back to she will feel so desired and be on the edge of her seat wanting more.


At the end of the day, make her feel comfortable in your arms. Make her feel desired, and like she’s a goddess and all that you want. Tease her and build up to every touch, every next step. Act as though you cannot get enough of her, touch her, kiss her, and love her like your life depends on it. Don’t forget that the gentle touches, warm breath, and little things amount to big things in the grand picture. Don’t be afraid to press her against a wall, and take her, make her feel so desirable. Now that is some good foreplay! xxox


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