So my arguably favourite website since I was sixteen, tumblr, has decided to ban all adult content from their platform. Not going to lie, I’m pretty upset. Mostly thinking too,

where am I going to get my porn fix now?

Redtube like a savage?

I think not!

I always loved the layout of tumblr, and the smattering of sexual innuendo smattered throughout the site. It was like an adventure scrolling through all the posts not knowing when you might get a full dick in your face, after scrolling through dozens of dank memes. Those were the good ol’ days. At any rate, I’m very frustrated and feel rather powerless to stop the nipple banning scallywags.

This just leads me to censorship. Who is anyone to decide what you can, and cannot see? I feel like as the future pushes forward, we are almost going backward. There are so many parameters in the media, internet, schools that we have to adhere to, or we get labeled as some negative sinner of sorts. Now obviously almost anything is accessible on the internet if you know where to look. Thank god for that! It’s so stupid though how society has deemed woman’s nipples unfit for heaven forbid, Instagram users to see. It’s only 99%ish of the population that have nipples! Of course people will be gross and creepy if they started being the norm, however, people are ALWAYS gross and creepy if you find the right scum. Not too mention in so many cultures around the world, they’ve been having topless woman wandering around for centuries with not a second thought.

Maybe, instead of being a boob, you can free the boob.

S e x   i s   a r t.

I for one, believe the world could use a little more art always. As much as it can get.

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