It’s funny how one’s sexual tastes evolve over time. It’s so random too! Like you may have NEVER wanted to do butt stuff with one partner, then all of a sudden, it’s all you do with another! It just varies though from partner to partner. I think that is what makes sex so fun! It can be so unpredictable! It should be spontaneous, different and exciting & of course… a little dirty. If not, where is the fun in it? It’s like any activity. You should constantly be re-inventing new ways of doing it. Better ways. More creative ways. It’s like art. In fact, it is an art. One does not simply paint the same scenery of trees for their entire art career. If they do, you better bet that it’s going Pablo Picasso, from a more realistic approach to abstract cubism. Moreover, they are always experimenting and wetting their paintbrush in different ways & unique rhythms.

That is why the appeal of new partners is such a draw. It automatically switches up everything so drastically, that its no wonder people can tend to be… well… a little slutty. It’s also what makes being in a committed relationship such a challenge! You constantly need to reinvent yourself to keep it from going stale. As one who was in a six-year committed relationship, I know how hard it can be. You get in a mundane routine, and it gets so boring, that eventually you barely have sex anymore at all! That kiddos is the death of a relationship! So I’m writing telling you, switch it up! Break from routine! If you’re helplessly single right now too (I feel ya) then enjoy the differences from every partner! Even if they are bad differences! Now you know what you don’t like! If its god-awful too, its usually always a funny story later! xx

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